I'm happy playing mommy sometimes.  I like shoving my neice under one arm and taking her to the restroom to change her diaper (Oak City in Bloomington has a very clean and happy changing table in the handicapped stall.  how very maternally correct!).  I like it when the Boyfriend's Son is home for the weekends because the Boyfriend can't say no when I ask them to take out the garbage.  Life sucks when youre the role model, huh Honey?

I'm officially my grandmother.  i went to sleep last night at 9:00 PM and forgot to take my Bene-fiber.  What the hell happened to my youth?  One minute I'm sipping Kettle One cocktails until 5 in the morning in the V.I.P room.  the next I'm dozing off at 7PM watching the home improvement channel.  Thirty has been the strangest experience thus far.

My grandmother never had tattoos, so at least i have that going for me.  I must contact Dang in a professional manner soon...I need healing time before Jamaica.  mmmmmm...Jamaica....never been.  but i cant wait.  never met a beach i didnt like.  even in Mazatlan, the beach was just fine.  its the ignorant and rude tourists that make it the shit hole it is today. 

But nevermind that, its just a good day.  Aloha Life.