me neither.

but I remember Luke.  He struck me like a curveball on a
homerun.  I thought he was gay...good looking, loved to dance, liked to drress up... he had a sensational mouth...I was pleasantly astounded when he asked for my phone number.  He was the only guy who was completely truthful to me:  "I had sex with a girl I didn't know two nights ago.  Maybe we shouldn't fuck.  you just want to lie next to me?" I kissed him everywhere i knew was safe.

I remember the Proletarilate...although i cant recall his real name.  he was so angry with me for being light-hearted.  and i was just playing devils advocate because everyone knows i am NOT light-hearted.  He hated when people talked to him on the bus.  he didnt want to talk about the weather or the Vikings game.  He didn't want bullshit...he wanted real life.  "that is real life, man" I said to him, "people want to make a connection, they dont want to be alone.  so they say the first thing that doesnt sound weird to them.  Are you telling me you'd be okay with me if i sat next to you on the bus and said: hi, i'm totally insecure.  i have been in an abusive relationship and push men away like rabid dogs...which sucks because men are generally the pot from which i choose my romantic partners.  i noticed you sitting here and i felt something light up between my legs...please don't reject me.  i will take it out on the next man i see."...?"