the birds outside my window are a maniacal bunch.  Mangy little winged devils; they chirp and chatter at one another stopping only when the belch and roar of the garbage truck frightens them comatose...momentarily.

I took a personality test online.  Something very scientific and accurate; created by well-educated professionals, I'm sure.  They branded me "Aesthetic" meaning, I see and look for beauty in all things.  Also "Creative": I am adept at generating new ideas and finding connections others may overlook. Then "Warm":  I care about others and am a good favorite cliche here....Others were Passionate, Loose, Arbitrary....but the last one that came up was interesting: "Inefficient".  Now theres one for my LinkedIn profile:

"You like to live your life without plans, and when you do have a plan you're happy to ignore it. While you're not necessarily opposed to getting work done, you're very good at finding other ways to spend your time. You are not anal, or even particularly well organized. You don't enjoy sticking to your plans, and don't mind when you don't finish on time."


Reminds me of something I said to someone once: "Don't worry.  Life will teach you what it wants you to learn.  And if you don't learn the first time, the second time is REALLY gonna hurt."

It would serve me right to live a boring and unfulfilled existence.  Giving others cocky advice like that, Life would be ironic and humorous to not give me a second chance.  I can see just see it now: Life standing in front of me with her arms stretched out, palms skyward, a smirk on her face.  See?  Haven't you learned yet?  If not, things can get a heck of a lot more uneventful...

It's raining.  That's what is wrong with the birds.  December in Minnesota and it's raining.  They are drunk on puddle water; confused to the brink of insanity.  Is it spring?  Where are all the goddamned berries?!   Maybe they are singing Nostradamus lullabyes. 

Nah.  Life wouldn't give me that kind of break.